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99 zulu proverbs front cover

99 Zulu Proverbs and Sayings



  • Author: Desaray Wilson-Mnyandu and Phiwokuhle Mnyandu, PhD
  • Publisher: Zulunomics
  • Pages: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781736525265


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Language is an essential part of any culture. To learn a culture’s sayings, proverbs, and idioms is to learn what its people hold dear, abhor, fear, and uphold. These 99 proverbs and sayings are a window into Zulu culture. Enjoy the view!

  • Summary

    99 Zulu Proverbs is a collection of classic and modern-day wisdoms from the Zulu people of South Africa. These sayings have been a guide to the various aspects of their daily life for generations. Now they have been compiled and sorted for readers everywhere. The proverbs are grouped into universally relatable categories like love, family, misfortune, opportunity and more. Readers are presented with the original Zulu proverb, the literal English translation and an English interpretation. This books format allows readers a glimpse into the cultural significance of the saying as well as the humanitarian intent of the advice. Readers from all over the globe will find the cross-cultural subjects interesting, humorous and soulful. Those who are familiar with Zulu culture and language as well as those just being introduced will equally be drawn by these witty sayings.

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