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Front view of 502 Zulu Verbs book

Zulu Verbs: Book I- Conjugate using personal pronouns

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  • Author: Phiwokuhle Mnyandu, PhD
  • Publisher: Zulunomics
  • Pages: 540
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781736525203


**A new edition is scheduled to be released next year so we're selling current stock for 50% off!


502 Zulu Verbs - Book I is a comprehensive guide for translating and conjugating Zulu verbs in 17 tenses and the imperative mood using personal pronouns. It is a companion to 251 Zulu Verbs - Book II, which conjugates using noun classes. It is the FIRST ever comprehensive conjugation manual for the Zulu language.

  • Book Details

    In the book, 502 Zulu most commonly-used Zulu verbs are alphabetically listed then conjugated. Written by a first-language speaker of the Zulu language, this book introduces the student to important socio-cultural aspects of learning to speak isiZulu. Innovative tools to help students grow their vocabulary, pronounce confidently, and write effectively are introduced for the first time. This includes the YISHOSAKUZWA method of pronunciation, and the BHALASAKUSHO method of writing zulucized nouns and verbs. The book also cross-references verb listings with its companion 251 Zulu Verbs - Book II, showing the reader exactly where to find the same verbs in the companion book. It also has an English-Zulu Verb index listing 800 Zulu verbs by their English translation.

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