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251 Zulu Verbs: Book II- Conjugate using noun classes

251 Zulu Verbs: Book II- Conjugate using noun classes

  • Author: Phiwokuhle Mnyandu, PhD
  • Publisher: Zulunomics
  • Pages: 540
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN: 9781736525227


251 Zulu Verbs - Book II is a comprehensive guide for translating and conjugating Zulu verbs in 17 tenses and the imperative mood using noun classes. It is a companion to 502 Zulu Verbs - Book I, which conjugates using personal pronouns. It is the FIRST ever comprehensive conjugation manual for the Zulu language.

Currently availble as an E-book. Hard copies will be available for purchase in March 2021. Pre-order your copy today for a $10 discount!

  • Book Details

    In the book, 251 Zulu most commonly-used Zulu verbs are alphabetically listed then conjugated. Written by a first-language speaker of the Zulu language, this book introduces the student to important socio-cultural aspects of learning to speak isiZulu. Innovative tools to help students grow their vocabulary, pronounce confidently, and write effectively are introduced for the first time in Books I and II. This includes the YISHOSAKUZWA method of pronunciation, and the BHALASAKUSHO method of writing zulucized nouns and verbs, and cutting edge ZOPS (Zulu Ordinal Prefix System) a method of ordering Zulu numbers. The book also cross-references verb listings with its companion 502 Zulu Verbs - Book I, showing the reader exactly where to find the same verbs in the companion book. It also has an English-Zulu Verb index listing 800 Zulu verbs by their English translation.

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